Well and Fit ADHC activity department coordinates and collaborates with Nursing, Social Work, and Rehab Department to address participant’s individual needs by offering person-centered activity plan after careful consideration of participant’s functional status, daily activity level, and interests. Center activities are arranged to fit into participants’ daily activity needs. It is geared towards improving elders’ functional ability, emotional health, and quality of life.
Our center offers diversified class schedule, live and interactive classroom environments, and advanced multi-media classroom equipment. The activities are designed to enhance both physical and emotional health, foster peer relationships, and increase participant’s knowledge and insight. We are a firm believer of lifelong learning. The overall purpose of the activity department is to help participant improve or maintain cognitive function, strengthen physical exercise, improve social interactions, and promote independent living.

Center activities are divided into six categories:

  1. Social Activities: Promote positive social interaction. By engaging and communicating with peers, participants are able to meet new friends, expand their social circles, maintain or enhance their physical activity, and improve physical health. For example: Easy Life, American Life, Family Life.
  2. Brain Activities: Brain function, especially cognitive ability can be improved and stimulated by external environment. Appropriate brain activities can improve brain power and memory recall. For example: Computer Classes, English Conversation, English Pronunciation, etc.
  3. Physical Activity: Regular and moderate amount of exercise over long period of time can help to strengthen body, improve muscle flexibility, and prevent falls. For example: Rehabilitation Group Exercise, Tai Chi, Yoga, Yuan Chih Dance, Social Dance, etc.
  4. Religious Beliefs: To convey love, care, and respect, and to bring faith and hope through Bible Study Fellowship
  5. Creative Activities: Developing new interests, cultivating easy temperament and maintaining emotionally positivity can help slow down the aging process. For example: Chorus, Peking Opera, Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, Arts and Craft, etc.
  6. Volunteer Services: With the expertise and experience of elders, some participants offer volunteer service by leading peer support group or interest group. Helping others in need is another great way to improve one’s physical and mental health.

Large Event:

Monthly Birthday Celebration, Health Talks, Chess and Poker Competition, and many other Chinese and American Holiday Celebrations.

Other Services:

Such as Podiatry, Haircut, Shopping, Newspapers, etc.

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